The G String Orchestra plays traditional and original eastern European folk and klezmer music and is based out of New Orleans, LA. G String Orchestra was founded in 2006 and is currently an instrumental quartet consisting of violin, accordion, and double bass and frame drum focusing on traditional greek music but also playing pan-Balkan music ranging from romantic waltzes to driving coceks, pulsing horas, foot moving bulgars, and swingin' lautareascas!

         As true to the spirit of the music, the G String Orchestra has traveled far and wide in an array of diverse modes of transport as colorful as the tunes themselves. From cars to buses, trains to planes, boats to bikes, beaches to snow capped mountain tops, the instruments have lead their way as they collect songs wherever they go, personalizing them with their own unique sound and bringing them back home. Their diverse and extensive instrumental repertoire will have you dancing, laughing or lost in reverie.