The G String Orchestra plays traditional and original eastern European folk and klezmer music and is based out of New Orleans, LA. GSO is currently an instrumental trio consisting of violin, accordion, and double bass playing pan-Balkan music ranging from romantic waltzes to driving coceks, pulsing horas to foot moving bulgars, heart wrenching greek rembetica ballads to the hungarian czardas!

         As true to the spirit of the music, the G String Orchestra has traveled far and wide in an array of diverse modes of transport as colorful as the tunes themselves. From cars to buses, trains to planes, boats to bikes, beaches to snow capped mountain tops, the instruments have lead their way as they collect songs wherever they go, personalizing them with their own unique sound and bringing them back home. Their diverse and extensive instrumental repertoire will have you dancing, laughing or lost in reverie. Come the colder months, you can often find them in New Orleans playing the gambit of bars, listening rooms, cafes, restaurants and even busking on the streets when the weathers nice (and even when it's not!).

         Our newest album Time was recorded the fall of 2011 and finished in the summer of 2012, and was finally released during our summer tour in Alaska. This album is comprised of traditional Klezmer, Gypsy, and folk songs from all over the world, with the exception of the first song, "Time" to which we would like to give thanks to Tomasz Lato of Kroke. Thanks also go to Dave Cook and Area 52 for recording and mastering, and countless others for inspiration and support. To listen to or buy this album click on the Music tab at the top of the page or go to:
G String Orchestra is available for all kinds of private events including but not limited to; weddings, birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, bachelor/bachelorette parties, graduation parties, dinner parties, divorce parties... whatever you can conjure up, they can entertain!